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At Ed-Tech we provide the services to help you establish a new web site or enhance the one you already have.  What do you need?

  • New web site
  • Web site redesign
  • Web site maintenance
  • Web site marketing and promotion
  • Logo design
  • Photography

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In today’s high tech environment, having a web presence is no longer optional. If you have a business, you need an effective web site to support your marketing efforts. The good news is, a well developed web site can be one of the most cost effective marketing tools in your arsenal.

Here are a few of the many benefits of managing your business web site:

  • You can sell your products and services 24-7
  • It can reach both a targeted and wide audience
  • It is very inexpensive advertising medium to provide information about your products and services
  • It is a great way to update information that changes frequently
  • It can reduce customer service costs by providing frequently asked questions

More and more potential customers are utilizing the Internet before contacting a business.

The reason is simple... Customers want information and the Internet provides it with zero pressure. In this non-stressful environment, information can be quickly collected and evaluated.

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